TIG welding technology 


TIG welding falls under the ‘electric arc welding’ category. The technique uses a non-melting electrode. It is made of tungsten, to which small amounts of other substances are sometimes added to improve the quality of the welding arc. If required and necessary, welding additives are added separately to the welding pool by hand. A very high weld quality can be achieved with TIG welding. 




  1. Very high weld quality

  2. Welding without additives possible

  3. The welding process does not produce any spatter

  4. No or hardly any welding fumes are produced. This makes it a relatively clean process

  5. Welding is possible in any position

  6. All meltable metals can basically be welded with this process



AT VSMI this welding technique is performed on:


  • Robot
  • Manual construction welding and welding for kitchen engineering