CMT welding technology


CMT welding is a variation of MIG/MAG welding. This process has been developed for applications in which a controlled low heat input is desirable.




Cold Metal Transfer, CMT welding, is a short-circuit arc welding process, in which a different material transfer method is achieved. In conventional short-circuit arc welding, the short-circuit current is limited using a coil or the inductive resistance of the power source itself. For a power source with CMT, the increased current after a short circuit is limited by an electronic control system. The supply of the welding wire is included in this electronic control system. This ensures that the current and voltage are reduced to almost zero during the transfer of material.



  1. Low heat input

  2. Highly stable process at low current intensities

  3. Bridging of large gaps possible

  4. Can be used on thin material

  5. Less or no welding spatter

3D High-End CMT lasrobot

CMT-lassen-robotlassen-plaatbewerking-saemnstellen-hoogwaardig RVS