VSMI has various fully automatic high-performance welding techniques available, such as laser welding, CMT welding, TIG welding, MIG/MAG welding and plasma welding for various types of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Automatic welding machines and robots produce small to large series at a constant quality. Another major benefit is our expertise with welding fixtures, reducing the investment costs in comparison with competitors. This makes the start-up costs for robotic welding at VSMI particularly interesting and affordable.


Depending on the product, material and batch sizes, use can be made of automated and robotic systems, exchange units for efficiency, or manual work from our welders for complex and specialist finishes. The welding post-treatment also has its high-quality finishing levels.


Depending on the wishes and requirements set for the product, the post-treatment can vary from simple polishing, blasting or, for optical quality, high-precision finishing and brushing.


VSMI the forerunner when it comes to welding


VSMI is the forerunner in the Netherlands when it comes to high-performance robotic welding; we have no less than seven welding robots to manufacture high-quality products for you, using the following welding techniques: 



Our newest welding robot is fully set for SMART WELDING and can already be programmed via your Stepfile/3D File. After programming, the robot will first retrace the product (Teaching) to determine the correct positions, following which it will finish welding your product quickly and with high quality.




  • MIG, MAG, TIG, CMT and WIG;
  • Welding for kitchen engineering;
  • Spot welding/stud welding up to 130 KVA.
3D Smart Welding CMT3D High-End CMT lasrobotTIG-LASSEN-Robotlassen-RVS-Nijman-Arentsen

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