Smart Industry


VSMI is one of the forerunners in the Smart Industry in the Netherlands!



With a particularly modern vision, Rob Lentink is leading VSMI to the top of the Dutch plate processing industry, whereby Strategic cooperation with its customers remains at the forefront. All Smart processes are connected in the background, and Paperless processes such as "Shopfloor Control" and "VSMI Mobile" are used.



"Rob Lentink"SMART means never stopping with Development and Improvements!




Shopfloor Control

Every production employee at VSMI has access to his own Monitor with Thin Client PC, on which the employees can call up the Production Orders, operations and also the production drawings. This means that paper orders and paper drawings are a thing of the past, because on these monitors the orders are started and finished by the Employees, everyone can follow the order flow (Sales orders) and status.







In cooperation with our partner, a module has been developed whereby we can transfer stocks from A to B with a mobile Scanner, pick parts for orders, production bookings, buying bookings, outsource orders and book entries, inventory counting, etc. In this way, no extra actions need to be done on a PC and the stock levels and locations are always up to date!







Many processes within VSMI are SMART optimized, also our production department of sinks is fully LEAN and SMART optimized. The high-quality quality sinks are welded by robotised welding processes (laser welding and plasma welding), finishing is done by robots and Cobots. Here, too, the development will not stop, in the course of 2018 the bonding of strips and sound-absorbing films will also be carried out by Cobots. Mid-2019, the packaging of the sinks will also be automated to a higher level.






VSMI also shares knowledge in the field of welding, together with a number of Branch partners we participate in the Fieldlab "Smart Welding Factory"




SMART Manufacturing Award


The results of our developments have not gone unnoticed and VSMI has been rewarded with the "Smart Manufacturing Award 2018 regional". This award is entirely earned and belongs to Rob and Thea Lentink for their courage to invest in people, machines and buildings.






 Strategische samenwerking met onze partners blijft belangrijk!





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